best dental treatment in newport beach

Affordable Laser
Gum Therapy
in Newport Beach, CA

Modern Solution to Gum Disease

Are you putting off treatment for your diseased gums out of fear? Perhaps you are stressed about the painful incision and surgical experiences.
Our Newport Beach facility provides you with advanced laser gum therapy that does not require painful incisions or cause bleeding. With laser gum therapy, you no longer have to worry about long recovery times or discomfort during the procedure.
Painless, gentle care available at our facility is available to patients of all ages. Prevent gum disease from progressing and affecting your oral health. You can schedule an appointment today with our team of experts to receive the best periodontal care available.

Minimally Invasive Periodontal Treatment

At Doctor Smile Newport Beach, we use an advanced BIOLASE WaterLase iPlus dental laser that removes bacteria and infection from the gum, leaving you with a healthy, clean mouth. This advanced technology targets the affected area and can be performed in fewer visits saving you time and money. Modern laser treatment for gums reduces recovery time and minimizes pain or discomfort after the procedure. After the laser therapy, patients will be available to comfortably enjoy their food again in no time. Compared to the two- or three-week recovery time in osseous surgery, the healing time for laser therapy is less than three days.
laser gum therapy newport beach
affordable laser gum therapy newport beach

Dental Excellence, Expert Care

To perform laser gum surgery, advanced expertise and skills are required. Laser gum therapy is performed only by experts with years of experience practicing this state-of-the-art treatment. Our dentists at Doctor Smile Newport Beach are certified and trained for performing advanced laser surgery on patients suffering from various levels of gum disease. We take pride in facilitating patients with all types of problems and effectively restoring their oral health.
Improve your quality of living by scheduling an appointment for modern times’ most innovative technology. We are always excited to extend our services and help people achieve their goals for a beautiful, healthy smile.